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First energy efficient farmhouse in North Korea

Energy Efficient Construction in Cities - Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC)
Agape international started this project in Spring 2009 in partnership with the Non-Conventional Energy Development Center (NCEDC), Pyongyang. It was sucessfully finished in summer 2014.


The project aimed at the dissemination of the knowledge about energy efficient construction work (design, planning, and construction) in combination with the use of alternative energy sources (wind, sun, and biogas). This was demonstrated in a practical manner with the construction a energy efficient farmhouse based on current standards in Switzerland / Europe (Minergie / Minergie-P / ...). The building is aimed to be a model for further buildings within the country. The know-how about implementing energy efficient standards in design and construction work was transferred to over 100 domestic specialists that are able to train others.

This was done by implementing the following strategy:

  • Study of existing Minimum-Energy standards and energy efficient construction principles from Europe and DPRK. Development of different options for construction of the outside of the building, air circulation, heating and cooling and production of electric power.
  • Based on the availability of adequate material selection of a best option and calculation of the costs. Discussion with local and international experts.
  • Adaptation and realization of that concept for the new training center (RETC) in Pyongyang. Parts not available in country are identified and solutions are searched to either produce them in country or to easily import them.
  • Existing know-how and information is tested and made available in Korean for wide dissemination throughout the country. Trainer-trainings and leaflets help in spreading it.
  • Expert and information exchange guarantee to find solutions adapted to the countries resources and combine it with all available know-how worldwide.

Target group:

  • House builders, architects, technicians, planning staff of multi-family houses, blocks and public buildings in (small) cities
  • Everyone interested in the use of alternative energy sources in villages or brigades.
Final report:
  • The detailed final report you can find on the Homepage of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficency Promotion (REPIC), an initiative of SDC, the ministry of Energy and SECCO, that supported this project

Project Progress:

Look back on the project progress in our Blog.

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