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How do you deal with people who have been powerless in extremely threatening situations, who have been traumatized? How can you, as a layperson, provide help without harming the other person or overextending yourself? If you are asking yourself these or similar questions, or are generally interested in the topic, then this course is just right for you.
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We give you an overview of the complex topic and guide you how you can provide assistance as a layman. You can try out exercises and thanks to meaningful illustrations it is easter to remember what you have learned.

On this course you will learn:
>How trauma occurs and what it does to people.
>How to deal with trauma victims in a helpful way.
>Knowing and applying exercises for different problems.
>How you can protect yourself from negative effects

The course is divided into four modules with the following content.
>Understanding Trauma: Origins, causes, effects
>Self-care: awareness, healthy boundaries, self-direction.
>Relationship / inner safety: maintaining relationships, reducing stress, gaining stability.
>External safety / resources: activating own resources, self-efficacy.